Our Services


We are well equipped to handle all kinds of weddings, be it a wedding for a couple or a large gathering of 1000 guests or more. be it a wedding of utter simplicity or a wedding with great variety, we arrange everything for you.


It’s those small things, that matter to make a Mehndi extraordinary. Great ideas, great planning of each visual element at the event, and bundles of joy. Weaving each invitee into a short glimpse of love, building excitement for the grand wedding is just one of the things we do.


The expertise comes quick and handy, to carve out a show like never before! We always have innovative & sizzling plans for the sangeet, and for satiating all out-of-the-box wishes.

Cocktail Parties

Infused with ‘spirit’ and glamour, we go lengths to bring family & friends together. When we design, excitement and surprises at its best, and formality at its least, is expected.

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